Creating Content with a Purpose:

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Chris, Founder of Mostly Film Productions (MFP) was approached by Meddings Group (MG), a company specialising in fabrication, engineering & Production back in November 2022. After being referred by Tony Cobley Photography* to produce brand videography, Chris instantly saw that MG would be a fantastic opportunity to exercise the skills that MFP has to offer.

An Initial production meeting took place at MG production facility in lee Moor industrial estate, Plymouth, where Chris could dissect the requirements for MG's media content production. Focusing on elements of showcasing and documenting. This was also a great opportunity to location scout for the upcoming production's filming.

After the meeting, work quickly started with the production planning and then eventually onto the production itself. This project saw MFP tackle instructional videos, showcasing & brand stories, social media reels and Interviews. This was a very interesting project for Chris to engage with as it had some exciting focuses on tech and fabrication, a good chance to showcase fine details and intricate machinery to emphasise the quality that MG provides.

The team at MG were incredibly helpful and fluid when working with Chris, making sure that he was able to capture all necessary content for the eventual media deployment across MG's platforms. By having such a fantastic and Easy client to work with, the project was seamless in its transitions from pre-production through to post-production.

With immediate deployment of content across a variety of platforms, MG did not hesitate to show their brand new content to the world.

MFp is very grateful for the opportunity to work with fantastic companies like MG.

Check out their website here, and look out for the banner video as well!

See Meddings Group's Brand Story here: