Something to help you plan

- More than just Videographers -

We understand that weddings can be stressful, so we've put together some ideas based on our experience in the industry.

what to expect, things to consider and a few helpful tips.

Frequently Asked questions at the bottom!

01. Wedding Season

The Core wedding season in the UK is known to be set May - October.

With the most weddings happening between June and August.

The space between October - April is usually filled with wedding fairs and events designed to help you plan your wedding and get some great ideas together.

Click here for help with wedding fairs

02. Pick a date

Without a date, there is no wedding!

The first big decision is to fix down a date on which you would like to get married. Even if it is just selecting a specific month, this is a great starting point for you to get planning.

Avoiding peak wedding season may even introduce rates that are more budget friendly!

03. CHOOSE YOUR VENUE & Registrar

The three things that need to be in place for a wedding:

Date, Venue and Registrar.

Once these have been chosen, you're ready to get married! But to make it extra special you may want to think about additional elements to really make it your own.

Click here for help with choosing a venue

04. Select suppliers

suppliers help you to craft your special day.

Imagine the date, venue & registrar as the foundations of a wedding, and the suppliers as building blocks.

From Entertainment to florists, there are so many to choose from. that's where it can get overwhelming!

This is when Wedding Fairs can be invaluable.

it's Also where you choose your videographers!

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05. Pick Guests & Invite

Deciding who to invite to your wedding can be a nightmare and a mammoth of a task. Keep your venue's capacity in mind when doing so.

Here are some suggestions you can apply:

- Immediate Family

- Close Friends

- People who have positively influenced you

- People who make you happy and take an interest in your lives

Click here to for help picking guests

06. Logistics

Where you get married may not be where you're getting ready on the day of the wedding.

Ensure that you have a safe and reliable mode of transport to get you there.

Many reputable transit companies that specialise in weddings can help greatly with this, and also let you arrive in style!

Alternatively, a family member or friend could get you there on time!

07. Preparing for the day

One of the greatest things you can do to prepare for your wedding day is meet with your suppliers and venue.

where videographers and photographers are concerned, meeting with us at the venue and with a wedding coordinator present really helps to retain confidence that timings are set, and space and lighting are adequate to make the most out of capturing your special day.

08. The wedding Day

It's finally here!

The most important thing for you to do is to enjoy yourselves.

Take the pressure off by remembering that your suppliers have everything under control to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

You can focus on enjoying your time together and celebrating with friends and family.

09. After the wedding

Not everyone knows that after your wedding, there is a bit of life admin to undertake.

Legalities lie with HMRC, changing your name (if needed) and various other considerations such as insurance policies and wills.

Make sure that you update these shortly after you're married so that you're keeping in with regulations.

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click here for post-wedding help

Click here for help with your new surname

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer photography as well?

Not yet!

How many videographers will we have?

We have one professional videographer included with all packages.

However, we do recommend that if you want to get the most captured from your wedding that you consider our Second Videographer extra.

Do you pose us on the day?

The short answer is:

We don't!

We aim to be as non-invasive and candid as possible!

The only time we give basic directions is during the cinematic couple shoot. this is usually led by your photographer of choice.

How do we receive our wedding films?

All packages come with a personalised box memento that stores a memory stick with your films on.

We also provide a private online gallery for up to 60 days from delivery.

You can use this gallery to download your films!

How can our family watch our films?

The best way that your family and friends can watch your films is on our YouTube channel.

We will always ask your permission before making your films open to the Public.